The Beat of the Butterflies' Wings

This Project considers the 100 years of British involvement in conflict since the First World War: the war to end all wars. It has developed through a series of workshops in venues including Age UK day centres, Primary Schools and Colleges. The workshops, with participants aged 10 to 20 years and 65+, have been based on artist led interactions with The Cabinet of Curiosity and involved song, investigation of contemporary art works and memorabilia, performance, printmaking and making origami butterflies. The workshops culminated in sound recordings of the stories of experiences, losses, and division, and expressions of hope for peaceful resolutions to conflict, resonating through slight and subtle acts.

Subsequent curation workshops, at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery, have brought together a group of older and younger participants with an age range of 10-90 years. This group has selected the objects for the community vitrines, from the Museum Archive at Ludlow, and chosen to theme them: Home Front, Protection, Weapons, Division & Unity. The group have used printmaking to illustrate the themes, explored associated ideas through text, and provided personal heritage items to add resonance to the exhibition display, on show 22nd November 2016- 22nd February 2017.

This interactive installation will be on tour from October 2017, please contact me for visiting or hoasting details.